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An Accomplished And Powerful Litigator 

I pursue success in the courtroom with from thorough preparation, a clear understanding of the circumstances of your case and well-practiced litigation skills. Providing premier litigation services for many legal issues, I am committed to providing vigorous and agile representation, whether my clients are the plaintiff or the defendant. 

Choose Knowledge And Experience For Your Case

In over 30 years of practicing law in Maryland, I have developed a reputation within the Maryland legal community as a skilled litigator in both civil and criminal cases. I am a knowledgeable ally for my clients, strategically building cases and defending them in court. I represent clients in litigation for a number of legal issues including:

  • Real estate matters
  • Collections
  • Estate planning and estate litigation
  • Family law matters
  • Administrative hearings
  • Serious motor vehicle and traffic violations
  • Serious felonies and drug offenses

Whether a civil dispute or criminal charge impedes your business, family or personal freedoms, you need an attorney with solid litigation experience that delivers results.  I have helped numerous Maryland residents, both defendants and plaintiffs, resolve their matters in court. 

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