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Grieving after divorce is normal

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2022 | Uncategorized |

Contemplating divorce means dealing with the emotional aftermath of the breakup of a marriage. While most people may expect to feel anger, sadness and frustration due to the drastic life changes, many don’t realize that feeling grief is also very common. Divorcees can feel grief for their old life, simply because it’s familiar, even when the divorce is best for everyone involved. The stages of divorce can vary greatly with each situation, but it’s always helpful to be informed of the emotional side of divorce to be better prepared for coping with one’s emotions. 

Grief after divorce is understandable 

Married people tend to get into a routine that makes life predictable, if not comfortable. Divorce changes everything. While both parties may understand that getting divorced is the best decision, they may still grieve their old lives. Making extreme life changes can be very difficult, especially if children are involved.  

There are several steps one can take to make it easier to deal with post-divorce emotions. Seeking therapy through counseling or in group therapy sessions can be very helpful. It’s also important to find ways to distract oneself from the divorce by staying busy with work, finding new hobbies or simply helping children adjust. Grief can show up immediately after choosing to divorce, or later once reality starts to set in. By preparing for this emotional upheaval, divorcees can make the transition to a new life much easier.  

Find legal assistance 

The legal side of divorce is best dealt with by a family law attorney. Their understanding of the law and their guidance on making the best legal decisions can help the entire process go more smoothly. Anyone in Maryland who is considering divorce can benefit from a consultation with an experienced family law attorney.