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Kelly Clarkson divorce still not settled due to financial issues

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2021 | Uncategorized |

There are difficulties that come with any divorce, but when high assets are involved, the situation can be particularly challenging. Trying to split assets fairly can cause hard feelings and can lead to some intense time spent in negotiations.  Celebrities are no exception to dealing with difficult divorces. Kelly Clarkson and her husband Brandon Blackstock have been attempting to reach an agreement in their divorce since June 2020. The couple has been in court many times to try and get everything resolved, but the financial situation has yet to be worked out.

High-asset divorce challenges

When one or both parties bring significant financial assets to the marriage, the divorce is often contentious. In this situation, the couple signed a prenuptial agreement, which did hold up in court. Kelly Clarkson was ordered to pay spousal support and child support to Mr. Blackstock. Now, he is contesting parts of their agreement and they remain in negotiations.

Not only is the couple dealing with the division of marital assets, but they are also disagreeing on some of their joint business assets. Mr. Blackstock acted as the manager of Mrs. Clarkson, and he is now also suing for fees associated with that work. The courts are challenged with working out an arrangement that both parties agree to when it comes to their premarital assets, those gained during the marriage, and those involved in the business side of things.

Legal counsel during divorce is essential

The legal ramifications of divorce are complicated, especially when it comes to finances. It’s always important for anyone who is going through a divorce in Maryland to seek legal advice from a attorney with experience in helping clients navigate the difficulties of a high-asset divorce. By seeking advice, one can better understand the obligations and available options when it comes to pursuing a financial settlement.