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How do divorcing parents break the news to the kids?

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2021 | Uncategorized |

It’s safe to say no separating couple with kids looks forward to telling them about the new reality — mom and dad will no longer be together. In most cases, divorced parents choose to live in separate homes while retaining some connection to their children, meaning everyone involved faces major adjustments in lifestyle. Many divorcing spouses may find the process of breaking this news to the children one of the toughest parts of divorcing. However, parents in this position can take heed of the following tips that could help ease this difficult task. 

Plan the talk 

For one, divorcing parents are wise to plan what they are going to say to the kids and even rehearse beforehand, ideally with their soon-to-be ex. Parents should also try to have all the pertinent details in place prior to the talk with the children — for example, future living arrangements, as well as other changes the kids will be dealing with. Divorcing parents could also consider breaking the news during a family dinner, assuming they have an amicable relationship. Kids may find this setting makes this tough subject easier to hear, and it also gives them a chance to see their parents interacting civilly. 

Be prepared to answer questions 

During the talk, parents should avoid letting their emotions toward each other get in the way. They may also want to explain to their kids the importance of happiness and that mom and dad simply are no longer happy together. Children tend to immediately think they are the cause in these situations, so parents should also assure them the split is not their fault and they are loved just as they have always been. Kids should also be given a chance to ask questions at some point, as they have a natural curiosity to know things. 

Although most divorcing parents dread this step in the process of splitting, unfortunately, it is something that must be done. Bearing in mind the above tips will likely help Maryland parents (and of course, their children as well) get through it the best they can under the circumstances. Often, couples who have decided to split also look for guidance and support from a professional experienced in family law