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Smart steps to take prior to divorce

On Behalf of | May 12, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Unfortunately, statistics indicate many Maryland couples are either currently working their way through the divorce process or will be sometime in the future. Likely, most people feel somewhat overwhelmed by the list of tasks that must be covered to help them achieve the best possible outcome for themselves as well as any children involved. A divorce expert provides valuable advice as to what people can and should do prior to filing for divorce to help ease the process.

Getting a clear financial picture

Divorcing people will have some financial aspects to work through. For one, both parties should get a clear picture of their financial situation. This means determining assets, including not only the marital home(s), financial accounts and vehicles, but also less obvious assets, such as artwork, pension plans, etc. It is also important to determine money owed, which can be found easily on a credit report. Next, people should gather proof of income for both spouses, including recent pay stubs and the most recent income tax report. Self-employed individuals may find this step challenging, but they can likely use bank account statements to give a clear picture of income.

Planning post-divorce budget

In most cases, each spouse will be moving on to a new life as a single person, which often means a drop in household income, so preparing a post-divorce budget is wise. Divorcing individuals should also carefully consider their living arrangements during the divorce proceedings. Those who are thinking of moving out of the marital home before the divorce is final are smart to consider the impact such a move will have on their case and first discuss options with their attorney. Before and during the divorce process, spouses should also be hypervigilant about their behavior, as inappropriate words or actions could be used against them in court.

Few people who have been through a divorce would say they had an easy time. Although this life-changing event presents many new challenges, those who prepare beforehand increase their chances of making the process run more smoothly and achieving a better outcome. Most importantly, anyone looking to begin the divorce process should first hire a good divorce attorney, one with experience in family and divorce law and who is willing to fight for them, if necessary.