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Parents with a demanding career can share parenting time

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2021 | Uncategorized |

When a marriage ends, neither party really wants to disrupt their lives, other than, of course, not living with their spouse anymore. Unfortunately, as anyone who has gone through a divorce knows, typically, lives do change in many ways. Parents, especially, often worry about relinquishing time with their children as a result of divorce, and divorcing parents with demanding careers may have particular concerns around whether they will be awarded sufficient parenting time in a court situation. Divorcing Maryland parents facing this type of situation can benefit from keeping the following considerations in mind.

Think of the children first

Firstly, divorcing parents should always keep in mind what is best for the children, rather than just themselves. Parents need to think honestly about their children’s needs around daily routines and consider what each parent can reasonably accommodate, and decide on arrangements that will be as stress-free as possible for the kids while allowing them to see both parents as much as possible. Working parents who must rely on a non-parent caregiver at times (for after-school care, for example) are smart to be proactive in securing that care. These days, judges are more likely to accept reliable non-parent child care as part of a child’s routine.

Keep workplace informed

Working parents should be sure to let their superiors know in advance of plans that require some flexibility in their workday. Workplaces tend to be more accommodating for family time than in days past, and people who are honest about their needs around family will likely find colleagues are supportive. Each divorcing parent is also wise to uphold the same standard they expect of the other when it comes to things like non-parent childcare, for example.

Most divorcing parents would agree that negotiations around child custody and parenting time are a difficult part of the divorce process. However, if parents try to think objectively and keep in mind the best arrangement for the child, as well as a realistic assessment of the amount of time they can commit, they are more likely to reach a mutually agreeable arrangement. Divorcing Maryland couples seeking assistance with all aspects of the divorce process can meet with an experienced family law attorney who can help them navigate what can be a challenging time.