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What couples should know about divorce mediation

On Behalf of | May 12, 2020 | Firm News |

When couples realize a divorce is in their future, they may want to consider mediation. This may help keep the divorce process amicable. 

Divorce mediation can be a good idea for several reasons. Divorce magazine says that a mediator is a neutral person committed to helping couples navigate the divorce proceedings. Working with a mediator may allow people to keep matters private as they find the best solution for their family. This solution also gives people more control because they can find their own settlement. Mediation usually works best when couples are willing to collaborate. People may communicate better during the divorce process when they work with a mediator. 

How does divorce mediation work?  

According to, people usually attend several mediation sessions. These sessions generally last for about an hour. Some people may need several sessions to find a good divorce settlement for their family. However, some people may only need a few days of mediation. During these sessions, people typically discuss property division and child custody. Mediators usually do not identify solutions for divorcing couples. Instead, they set an agenda for the meetings and help couples communicate respectfully. They may also propose compromises when couples encounter conflict. 

What should people look for in a mediator?  

Before people select a mediator, they should interview their candidates. People should ask how long the mediator has been in practice. More experienced mediators may have a better understanding of Maryland’s divorce laws and be able to provide counsel that helps couples follow the law. People should also ask about a mediator’s education and professional certifications. Additionally, people should make sure their chosen mediator follows the American Bar Association standards.