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Job loss and child support

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2020 | Firm News |

In recent weeks, people across the country have lost their jobs. For many people, this crisis has caught them off-guard and raises many questions, such as how they will continue to pay their bills and take care of other financial demands (such as child support payments). Fortunately, there are options available to many parents who are facing financial uncertainty in the wake of job loss, such as the modification of their child support order. 

Significant financial changes 

In order to modify a child support order, significant financial changes are necessary. For example, someone who sees their income drop significantly as a result of losing a job or working fewer hours often has the ability to modify their child support order. This is also true for many business owners who are struggling to make child support payments as a result of the hardships their company is facing in recent weeks. 

The benefits of modification 

Modifying a child support order offers numerous benefits. For starters, parents who are successful in their pursuit of modification are able to stay current on the child support they owe. Falling behind on these payments brings many different consequences, including the garnishment of one’s tax refund, fees and even the threat of arrest. Moreover, modifying a child support order provides peace of mind and allows non-custodial parents to move forward in their lives. 

Our law firm realizes that the modification process is complex and it is imperative for parents to carefully go over their circumstances. On our website, visitors will find more related to this facet of family law and other topics.