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Do you have a good reason to ask for a custody order change?

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Maryland parents and courts work together to decide custody orders. The court takes your child’s best interest above everything else. In doing so, they ensure the situation benefits your child. 

But what if the situation stops benefiting them? What if it causes them harm instead? Today we will look into the answers for this question. We will examine why courts accept some custody order change requests over others. 

Valid reasons to request a modification 

VeryWell Family looks at reasons to request a modification to your custody order. First, you must understand that the courts cannot honor every request. Many people do not have solid or valid reasons to do so. For example, a person upset with their ex-spouse may want to change the order. 

One valid reason to request modification is the absence of your ex-spouse. An ex-spouse’s absence may have many different causes. A few include: 

  • The death of your ex-spouse 
  • Their relocation due to active military duty 
  • Your ex-spouse chooses to move or relocate for other reasons 
  • The incarceration of your ex-spouse 

The willful absence of an ex-spouse 

In these situations, your ex-spouse cannot stick to the current visitation schedule. There are some situations where the co-parent refuses to stick to the schedule. This is despite the fact that they are still alive, healthy and in the area. In these situations, the court expects you to try solving things on your own first. If your co-parent still refuses to listen or stick to the schedule, you may request a modification. 

The court looks over every modification request. They make decisions on a case-by-case basis. Do you want to learn more about requesting custody order modification? If so, discuss with an attorney.