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Can I get a legal separation in Maryland?

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2020 | Firm News |

If your marriage is not doing well, then you may consider getting a divorce. For many couples, though, a divorce is not exactly what they want, so they may consider separating. Sometimes, taking time apart can allow you to work through issues and save your marriage. If you separate, though, you may need to have some sort of formal guidance, such as that offered by a legal separation. 

According to the Maryland Courts, the state does not offer a legal separation option. The court will consider you separated if you do not live together and have no physical relationship. If you want something more legal, you can file for a limited divorce. This is similar to legal separation in other states. 

Defining a limited divorce 

A limited divorce allows you to maintain your marriage but will have the court settle issues for you. You can have the court set child support and arrange parenting time. It can give you a legal basis to operate under while you are not living together as a couple. The agreement you create in a limited divorce may later become your divorce agreement should you wish to end the marriage. 

How to file 

You will file for a limited divorce in the same way as you would file for a divorce. You need to file a petition with the court. You will then go to court and the judge will help you create an agreement about the different details of your separation. If you decide later, you can still file for an absolute divorce, which will end your marriage.